The best choice for us.

Sungain was the first to respond with an offer which included options for panel and inverter.

Their quote was the first to arrive and prompts for a response was polite.

In support of the process by Solar Quotes we waited for all three to arrive and the last was on the final day of the offer period.

Installation was booked for a day to suit us and, being 100klm from the City, they were on time and organised.

Throughout the installation we were asked for our preferences on 1. panel array as our house is 90deg to rise and fall of the sun. I.e our ridgecap is pointing NNW.
2. Inverter location.

It was obvious these were an experienced crew as they discussed their approach to the installation to achieve our selected locations and worked as a team.

The installers were puntual, polite and professional.

The follow up from the office on the next day was experienced, polite and accommodating explaining the process of our installation being connected to the grid by the power company.

We now enjoy clean power and can monitor the output of the system on our mobile phones.

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