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Welcome to Sungain Solar Perth! We offer solar system solutions, components, and hot water solutions across Western Australia. We acknowledge that your homes and businesses have different energy needs, so we provide you with a thorough assessment, personalised solutions and aftercare services.

As the leading solar installer in Perth, we have provided our clients with the best solar power service from installation, maintenance and solar components since 2012. Our installation services come with a 17-year warranty and high-quality equipment, so you can ensure that your solar systems will power your homes for the years to come.

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Solar Power Packages for Perth

Sungain Solar is your reliable partner when it comes to solar installations in Perth and its surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of services to ensure we meet your solar power needs. Our team provides solar packages for residential and commercial spaces, solar batteries, inverters, EV chargers, solar water heaters and top-tier components.

Don’t know which solar package you need? Check out our service in Perth, or contact our solar specialist for a personalised solution.

Perth Residential Solar Packages

Perth Residential Solar Packages

Power independence is knocking right at your front door. You can reduce your power bills and start with a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle when you install our solar PV system. Our solar team will evaluate your home’s energy needs and create a personalised plan depending on your power requirements.

We have residential power packages for small to big households that you can choose from. Our most popular package is the 6.6kW beginner system, but we also have 10kW and 13.2kW for larger households in Perth.

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Best Choice

Household System:

10 kW Power (Family of 3-4)

Tailored for expanding families, our household bundle incorporates a more extensive solar power system to accommodate your rising energy demands. This bundle offers increased savings on your electricity bills and enhanced clean energy production capacity, making it perfect for homes with greater energy usage.

Most Popular

Beginner System:

6.6 kW Power (Family of 1-2)

Ideal for homeowners exploring solar energy for the first time, our beginner bundle features a compact, effective solar panel setup. This bundle helps you save on electricity expenses while shrinking your environmental impact, making it a fantastic entry point into a greener lifestyle.

Best Price per kW

Deluxe System:

13.2 kW Power (Family of 4-6)

For those seeking the ultimate solar experience, our deluxe bundle delivers the highest levels of energy generation and cost savings. This all-inclusive bundle comes with industry-leading solar panels and inverters, guaranteeing exceptional performance and durability. It’s the top choice for individuals dedicated to an eco-friendly, energy-smart lifestyle.

Personalised System:

We appreciate that each home has specific energy requirements, which is why we provide personalized bundles designed exclusively for your individual needs. Our skilled team will collaborate with you to create a solar system that optimizes both your energy production and financial returns.

Perth Commercial Solar Packages

Perth Commercial Solar Packages

By investing in a solar power system for your business, you say goodbye to electricity grid dependence and hello to reduced electricity bills. Sungain Solar leads the industry, providing businesses all over Perth with premium and personalised solar solutions.

Sungain Solar can help your business with solar power needs. We have packages ranging from 20kW, 40kW and 99kW capacity to power your daily business operations. If our packages don’t cover your energy requirements, don’t worry! Our experts can create a custom solution to optimise your energy production.
Best Choice

Midsize Business package

40 kW Power

Catering to the increased energy demands of medium-sized businesses, our midsize business bundle presents a more expansive solar energy system. With this package, you’ll enjoy substantial reductions in your energy expenses while boosting your company’s eco-friendly credentials.

Most Popular

Compact Business package:

20 kW Power

For smaller enterprises aiming to harness the sun’s power, our compact business bundle is the ideal choice. This option features a streamlined yet effective solar panel setup, allowing you to save on electricity costs while showcasing your dedication to a greener future.

Best Price per kW

Extensive Business package

99 kW Power

Geared towards organizations with considerable energy needs, our extensive business bundle provides the ultimate solar solution. This all-encompassing bundle is equipped with premium solar panels and inverters, guaranteeing peak performance and durability.

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Are you looking for reliable solar power installers in Perth? Sungain Solar is ready to help you on your solar journey. Our 11 years of experience in the Perth solar industry provides us with the local experience that can help your residential and commercial spaces use renewable and eco-friendly power solutions. 
Get a free solar consultation for your home or business today. Our local solar team will evaluate your power needs and your location then create a plan unique to your requirements.
Sustainability is important to us, and so is your experience with solar.

We only provide the best quality products with up to 17 years of warranty ensuring your equipment works at its best. You can guarantee our skilled installers can handle the installation process from start to finish leaving you with a high quality, aesthetically pleasing solar install. 
Our system maintenance and monitoring service will ensure your solar power runs smoothly. If you ever do have an issue, our aftercare services are available to quickly work out a solution so you can continue to enjoy reliable solar power and reduced energy bills.

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West Australian Solar Energy Rebates

West Australian Solar Energy Rebates

Did you know that solar rebates in Perth and Western Australia offer up to 10% of the solar power components and installation? Sungain Solar can help you get the most out of these government incentives to enjoy the benefits of switching to solar power. Navigating the Solar Incentive program can be confusing, but that’s where our expertise shines.

Do you want a solar power system but can’t afford the investment? Green Loans are here to finance your eco-friendly power solutions. These loaning program helps home and business owners fund their environmental initiatives such as getting a solar power system. Financial institutions that offer Green Loans program provides competitive interest rates and flexible payment options so you can invest in solar power. In many cases, a green loan and the reduced power bills will cost you less than your current energy costs, saving you money while providing more energy independence.

Our team will help you with the ins and outs of Western Australia’s solar rebate programs and financing opportunities while simplifying the process so you can capitalise on your savings.

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Switching to solar power may seem like a daunting process. It involves tasks such as assessing your residential and business requirements, selecting top-notch components, installation, and ongoing aftercare – but fear not, Sungain Solar has you covered every step of the way.

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