Risen 6.6kw System
Risen Solar Panels

6.6kW Risen Solar System

Only $3,420*

  • Payment options: Cash (Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Cheque)
  • Want to keep your cash handy? Check out this solar package for repayment options!
  • High Temperature Efficiency: Panels lose minimal efficiency up to temperatures exceeding 45°, ideal for hot WA Summers
  • Excellent Performance in Low-Light Conditions: Generates more power even when the day is cloudy/overcast, more power means more savings!**
  • 15 Year Product + 25 Year Performance Warranty: Risen Energy puts their money where their mouth is with a product warranty 5 Years Longer than the industry standard
  • Innovative Technology: Reduces mismatch losses, perfect for homes with roof faces that may need multiple groups of panels
  • Our Best Price: $4,500* for the Complete Solar Package, including installation, all warranties and approvals, 24 Risen 275W panels to make the 6.6kW system

What Does This Price Include?

Everything! Any 6.6kW PV system installed by Sungain Solar includes all modules, warranties, racking, railing, wiring, and a 5kW Premium Inverter with a 10-year warranty and WiFi Connectivity. This product has a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, and is one of the top inverter manufacturers in the world, with local branches in Melbourne and Sydney. We do all of the paperwork, approvals, and claim the rebates on your behalf.

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Earth’s Best Friend

Additionally, in our efforts for making Australia a more sustainable environment and for helping our country re-coop after the devastation caused by the bushfires in January 2020, we have decided to partner with ONETREEPLANTED. For every kW that you choose to install with us, we will be planting a tree in your name to speed up the recovery process of our beautiful wildlife.

Company Profile – Who is Risen Energy

This Risen Energy Solar Package punches well above its weight as one of the best solar panel manufacturers in the world. With over 10 years experience in developing PV modules, Risen sits comfortably in the Top Tier 1 list, identified by Bloomberg’s list of the top solar module manufacturing companies with proven financial stability. Their vast installations and superior products span the entire globe, growing in recognition as a valuable player in the industry. These are key factors when seeking assurances that Risen Energy will be active over the 25-year performance warranty of the solar panel, and will be able to honour any product warranty.

*Pricing is after the STC’s (rebates) for complete 6.6 kW solar installation of Single Phase, Single Story, Tin Roof (within 80 km’s of CBD). Special situations such as 3 phase/Double Story will have extra charges.

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