Risen 6.6kw System
Risen Solar Panels

6.6kW Risen Solar System

Only $3,420*

  • High Temperature Efficiency: Panels lose minimal efficiency up to temperatures exceeding 45°, ideal for hot WA Summers
  • Excellent Performance in Low-Light Conditions: Generates more power even when the day is cloudy/overcast, more power means more savings!**
  • 15 Year Product + 25 Year Performance Warranty: Risen Energy puts their money where their mouth is with a product warranty 5 Years Longer than the industry standard
  • Innovative Technology: Reduces mismatch losses, perfect for homes with roof faces that may need multiple groups of panels
  • Our Best Price: $4,500* for the Complete Solar Package, including installation, all warranties and approvals, 24 Risen 275W panels to make the 6.6kW system

What Does This Price Include?

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