Q Cells 6.6kw System
QCells Solar Panels

6.6 kW Q Cells Solar System

Only $6,700*

  • German Engineered for Australian Conditions: Panels have been specifically developed for Australia! By world leading scientists out of Germany and Korea - producing the highest possible power no matter what weather, light or temperature conditions!
  • Q.ANTUM Split-Cell Technology: Each panel is laser split into 2 independently operating halves, each half is un-affected by any performance loss in the other half, keeping the entire system running at optimal efficiency
  • Built to Last: Advanced protection over time against the powerful rays of sunlight, extreme temperature, humidity and sea salt corrosion
  • 12 Year Product + 25 Year Performance Warranty: A healthy 12 Year Product Warranty (2 years longer than the industry standard!) with an above average Performance Warranty, boasting no less than 85% performance after 25 years!
  • Premium Panel, Pretty Price: Only $6,700* for 20 of these Q Cells panels, totalling the 6.6kW system, astonishing value for such a high grade solar system. Green Loan available, with repayments spread up to 7 years**
QCells Solar Panels

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