LG 6.65kW System
LG Solar Panels

6.65 kW LG Solar System

Only $8,640*

  • Highly Conductive N-Type Silicon: The most advanced & highly conductive material available in solar panels, every inch of the silicon is doped with phosphorous, achieving record efficiencies and lowlight performance, this is not your average solar panel!
  • 12 Busbar Split-Cell Technology: Busbars are the strings of wiring you see throughout the solar panel, and LG have the most, with 3x the busbars than standard panels, the electricity has more paths to travel through the panel, dramatically increasing the power output and lifespan
  • Sleek Design, Black Frame: Elegant, ultramodern design consists of black cells, black frames and thinner wiring that provide an elegant appearance
  • Dual Light Absorption: Built-in reflective back sheet which bounces light back up through the cells, pulls light from DOUBLE the direction, gaining more power from the same light
  • 25 Year Product + 25 Year Performance Warranty: The LONGEST product warranty available in the industry! With BEST efficiency over time, LG guarantee that the panels will be no less than 90.08% efficient after 25 years!
  • Premium Performance, Dependable Investment: The 6.65kW PV system with 19 LG Solar panels is only $8,640*, also available to pay up to 7 years with a Green Loan** Built to last with the best technology and longest warranties, you wont need to spend a single cent on your solar panels for 25 years
LG Solar Panels

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