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What is a Solar Smart Meter?

What Is a Solar Smart Meter?

Solar smart meters have received a lot of attention recently in the energy industry. They offer a way to gain insights into our solar power systems and even change the way we think about energy. But, before purchasing and installing one of these meters in our homes, consumers need to understand exactly what it does

micro inverter solar system

Micro Inverters & AC Solar Panels – The Future?

A solar inverter is a crucial component in every solar panel system. This device converts the direct current power (DC) generated by your solar panels into useable alternating current (AC) power. AC is then used to power household appliances and lighting or can be fed back into the grid for feed-in-tariff.  Recent developments in solar

How big of a solar system do i need

How Big of A Solar System Do I Need at Home?

How big of a solar system do I need at home?  Should I spend everything I’ve got and create the biggest system I can, right away? Or should I start small and add more panels later on? These are important questions to ask when you’re planning on purchasing a solar panel system. Understanding the size

Solar Panel Sizes Australia

Solar Panel Sizes Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Solar systems inevitably take up quite a bit of space, and not every homeowner has enough room on their roof. Understanding the different solar panel sizes is crucial to determine how many can be installed on your property, as well as their overall energy output. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you

Stand Alone Solar Systems

The Pros and Cons of a Stand Alone Solar System

Just imagine – no more electricity bills and no power outages. This is entirely achievable with a stand alone solar system! Running your home appliances, lights, and electronics completely free from the utility grid is incredibly tempting to many people, for good reason. Particularly those who live in remote areas. However, it’s important to consider

Solar Panel Requirements for your home Australia

What to Know About Solar Requirements for a House in Australia

Solar power continues to gain traction as a popular form of sustainable energy in Australia. Every year, more Australian homes choose to go green with a solar system. However, before installing a solar system of your own, you should be aware of a number of requirements that impact cost and performance. In this article, we’ll

9KW Solar System Australia

Everything You Need to Know About a 9kw Solar System

According to the Australian Energy Council, the average solar system size in Australia sits at 9.3kW, as of September 2023. This number has increased quite significantly from just two years ago, when it was only 8kW. These days, many homeowners are opting for a 9kW solar system. This increase occurred thanks to several factors, including

12KW Solar System Australia

Everything You Need to Know About a 12kw Solar System

Transitioning to solar is never easy, especially if you have a home or property with high energy demands. While a 12kW solar system can lead to substantial savings on electricity bills, getting the size of your system wrong can be detrimental to your wallet – you shouldn’t be spending too much money upfront. However, if

The best home solar system in Australia

What is the Best Home Solar System?

Home solar systems have grown in popularity in recent years. Reduction in electricity bills, increase in property value, and contribution to a greener future are just some of the benefits that owners can reap from solar energy. But what is the best home solar system? The hype surrounding solar energy continues to build, and many


A Guide to Solar Panel Manufacturers in Australia

When it comes to solar panels, quality matters. We’re not just talking about the build quality of the product, but a number of other aspects. You should be considering performance quality, warranties, customer service, and after-sales service, among other things.  In this article, we’ll first be looking at the number one solar panel manufacturer in

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